Obvious Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You

Obvious Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You

A relationship goal is a two-way bond and set goals between two soulmates that progresses and strengthens the aspect of a relation. There are various ways to maintain a transparent and healthy relationship that will make both the partners feel being loved and cared for.

Whenever a man starts cheating on his partner, be it his wife, girlfriend or fiance, there may be multiple root causes that have led him to cheat. It can be physical or emotional discontent, lack of self-confidence or inferiority complex, or may just be the lust of being indulged into a relationship with another woman.

However, the first choice to fix all of these reasons except one’s wish to get into another relationship is through communication. Improved communication can move mountains. Well, in most cases this important fact seems to be missing and that leads to a devastating relationship and a disloyal partner.

If you are in a dilemma and confused with a sudden change in your relationship, put a check on the below-mentioned symptoms to understand if your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you.


1. He Behaves Out Of His Character

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After being together for months or for years, you are the best person to know your man in and out. You become familiar with his habits and behavior, like his anger, his emotions, his hunger, and even his moods.

So, when your man of love starts cheating on you, all this typical change is noticed in his behavior and routine. For example, maybe he used to enjoy hosting dinner parties at home and spend some quality time with you and family or friends, and now he doesn’t enjoy anyone’s company and prefers to stay secluded. Or maybe he was a movie bee and never used to miss watching any of them together and suddenly it doesn’t interest him anymore and he spends most of his time locked inside the other room.

There are other instances like an increase in his commute time to and from the workplace, spending long hours in the washroom and also being overprotective with his phone. The moment you notice these kinds of behavioral changes in your partner, it is the right time for you to keep a check on his loyalty. 


2. He Makes Telephonic Conversations In Private

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Being in a relationship does not mean losing your privacy. But when it becomes a practice to attend phone calls in private or in closed rooms there is something more than self-privacy. It becomes more evident when you see your husband adopting this behavior of late. 


3. Deleting Call Records Or Message History

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With advanced technology, our cell phones are equipped with enough internal storage space and it is no more required to clear off text messages or call records to save phone space

If you notice your man deleting the conversation history either as an when he finishes his interaction with someone or deleting the old messages and call list, be sure there is something going terribly wrong in your relationship.


4. Refuses To Be A Part Of Any Family Or Social Gathering

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Unfaithfulness will always result in seclusion from family and friends. A bell should ring in your mind when your man refuses to attend any social gatherings, arrives late in a family event or leaves early from a party citing some irrelevant reason. It is highly possible that he is trying to manage time to be with someone else. 


5. He Refrains From Being Intimate

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Despite all odd arguments and fights that every relationship experience, at the end of the day a touch of affection and love heals it all. When you feel avoided and there is no more togetherness in the relation, your partner comes up with odd excuses and unexplained behavior to resist himself from being intimate with you, it’s alarming.


6. Being Secretive

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Being transparent is definitely one of the keys to a successful relationship. The moment your man starts being secretive about his whereabouts and his list of friends with whom he is talking to and meeting in private, surely indicates of him having another relationship.


7. Unreasonable Anger And Fights

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Once two people get bonded, anger can play a very tricky role to abolish their bond of love. Hence, anger management is also a very important element in a relationship.

It is proven that whenever a husband is involved in an affair, he tends to be very disturbed and angry without any such reason. He picks up fights upon any silly matter and maintains a distance for the sake of the same.

At times, it may result opposite and there can be a gush of happiness always running through the nerves of your man.


Girl, Do Not Let Yourself Down! It’s Time To Kick Him Out

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Truth is always bitter but it has to be revealed. It is painful to even think of getting ditched by your man; still, if you notice any of the above-mentioned changes in your relationship, you have to dig in more to get the facts and figures correct. When the more of “We Time” changes to more of “Me Time”, stand firm with your decision no matter how difficult it would be.

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