How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Growth Without Side-Effects?

How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Growth Without Side-Effects?

Facial hair growth can be very annoying, especially for women. Excessive facial hair can ruin the tenderness of a female facial structure. Since centuries, women are trying various methods to remove facial hair from face and enhance their irresistible beauty.

 Check them out:

  • Waxing

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You can visit a parlour for waxing or do it at home. Use wax strips or wax for this procedure. Wax strips can be made warm by gently rubbing with palms and applied on the respective area like cheeks, upper lip, chin, etc. This is a painful procedure as you have to pull the hair from root.

Make sure your face is clean and dry before starting waxing. If you wish to buy your own wax, shop for the ones that are formulated for face. Also, purchase waxing sticks in abundance as double dipping with a single stick can cause bacteria infestation in the wax leading to skin infection. Patch test is crucial to check for any allergic reaction. Be sure that the wax isn’t too hot, otherwise you will burn your skin.


  • Tweezing

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Tweezers pull or pluck hair from the roots and give you a clean glowing face. The result can stay up to three to eight weeks depending on the severity of hair growth and your hormonal condition or genetics.

You can visit a reputed parlour for professional tweezing or do it in your home. Plucking hair is painful. So, be sure to clean your face and use a warm washcloth for softening your skin before starting tweezing. Also, do not forget to disinfect your tweezers with alcohol both before and after the procedure.


  • Threading

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Threading is one of the most effective and safe hair removal options. Millions of women use threading for removing unwanted hairs from eyebrows, side of the face, upper lip, chin, throat, and even armpit. This method involves a thread that twists and pulls unwanted or extra hair and lifts it from the follicle. Some of you can experience pain.

Threading involves no or less risk of skin infection as it doesn’t involve any chemicals. Professional beautician applies soothing gel or warm compress for reducing pain, redness and bumps on skin. If you have acne, avoid threading.


  • Depilatory Cream

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Depilatory creams may not be suitable for everyone because of presence of certain chemicals like titanium dioxide, sodium, barium sulfide, thioglycolic acid, potassium hydroxide, etc. The chemicals breakdown proteins present in hair and hence, the hair dissolves and washes away easily.

Do a patch test to check if your skin is okay with these chemicals. Wait for at least 24 hours after the patch test and then apply it on your face and other parts of the body. Also, do not go for swimming or under sun for 24 hours after using depilatory cream.

Depilatory gel, lotion and creams are easy to use and smell great. Keep the cream on your skin for the exact recommended time; otherwise it can cause skin peeling, chemical burn, blister, pain, stinging, etc.

Some depilatory creams are Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream, Anne French Cream Hair Remover, VI-John Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream, Fem Fairness Naturals Hair Removal Cream, Jolen Natural Fairness Cream Hair Remover, Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Cream, etc.


  • Epilation

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Epilation can keep your face free of hair for up to four weeks. Epilators remove multiple facial hairs at a time. Many women experience the growth of finer and softer hair after repeated use.

You will get epilators of different sizes for using on desired body parts. Use epilator on your face gently. Hold it at 90 degree angle and glide on skin in the direction of hair growth. It is a painful process, so, apply ice on your skin, in case of inflammation and swelling.


  • Shaving

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It is the most common, fastest and easiest pain-free facial hair removing procedure. You can glide an electric shaver or a disposable shaver on face and various parts of body like arms, legs, armpits, eyebrows, and bikini area.

Shaving can keep your face hair free for one to three days. Use shaving cream or soap before using shaver. Always clean your face and shaver before the procedure. Wash your face properly after shaving and apply lotion for rash free skin.


  • Topical Medicine

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Vaniqa is a prescribed medication for facial hair removal. You must ask your dermatologist or cosmetologist about using this medicine as it can cause tingling sensation, allergies, rash, itching, redness, etc. Also, you won’t get overnight result and have to use it for longer times continuously.


  • Laser Hair Removal

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Many women go for laser treatment for a semi-permanent hair removal solution. Hair will grow back after approximately 6 months. In some cases, it takes longer for the new less noticeable hair to grow.

This is an expensive process. Visit a renowned skin clinic or a doctor. If you wish to save money, you can purchase an at-home laser hair removal kit and apply. Be careful when using laser around your eyes and other sensitive areas. Use ice to reduce the redness and itching on skin.


  • Electrolysis

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It is a permanent and expensive hair removal treatment. Concentrated heat is used for destroying each hair follicle one at a time for stopping hair from growing. Visit a professional skin clinic for electrolysis.


Stay Safe. Be Beautiful.

You can use one of the above-mentioned procedures for your facial hair removal depending on your hair growth, needs, skin condition, budget, and time. Take care of your skin pre and post hair removal. Clean, tone and moisturize your skin regularly. If you visit a skin specialist, then follow his/her prescriptions. Always read the products’ ingredients before buying, and follow the instructions for applying.

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