Top 5 Makeup Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Top 5 Makeup Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Doing your makeup is considered to be an art. Still, in today’s age of technology, there are several makeup videos and tutorials available at your fingertips to guide you through. It is always easy to crack the equation of a finely made-up face. However, a stroke of makeup brush here and there, or a mismatch in the shade of blender and some more mistakes, can goof it up.

Here we will discuss a few frequent make-up mistakes and their fixes so you can glow and shine with pride.


1. Incorrect Shade of Concealer and Foundation

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As per experts, the first common mistake made is in choosing the shade of foundation. We all love buying expensive foundations but never consider getting a good concealer to pair it up with. Concealer is an essential element because it covers or conceals blemishes, spots, and dark circles. It completes your base make-up by giving it a faultless look. While selecting a foundation, a patch test is not going to provide you with the best result. It is always suggested to try two shades of foundation, half-and-half on the face.

You have to choose two shades that are closest to your skin tone and apply each of them on one half and let it rest for a minimum of 15 minutes on your skin to observe the result. The one that will give your skin a natural look is the one that suits your skin tone. Repeat the same process while selecting a concealer. Wrong shades of concealer and foundation will give you a pallid look similar to whiter shades that oxidize your skin with a greyish look.


The best way to derive the suitable shade is to smear the foundation over the cheeks close to the jawline, as that is the meeting point for both face and neck skin.

2. Jump Over to Make-up Without Moisturizing the Skin

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People tend to forget readying their skin before they start their make-up. Remember, healthy skin will always add to that extra glow and the make-up tricks to exhibit magic. Choosing the right moisturizer to prep your skin before make-up is an integral part of the process. Without moisturing, the final look will reflect patchy with a tendency to flake. The thicker the viscosity of the moisturizer, the more it helps the make-up to stay long and glide easily.


To get the best result, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to your regular moisturizer and rub on to your face and neck like a pack. Grab a sponge and dab it gently to get a luminous and moisturized look.

3. Getting an Inappropriate Fairer Look

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Renowned make-up artists like women to get rid of the concept of achieving a fairer skin through make-up. Another big mistake while applying make-up is simply using a lighter foundation shade to look fairer. The trick is to apply a dark shade of concealer initially that would camouflage the dark circles and spots or marks. Thereon, you can coat your skin with a light shaded foundation that suits your skin tone.


Experts always advise using a full-coverage foundation and not applying it with hands. Also, never rub in the foundation as it is always left to set in.

4. Obsessions and Misconceptions about Kajal

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Indian women are obsessed with Kajal. It’s a myth that is believed by most of them that Kajal makes the eye look larger, which is not the truth. Kajal defines the eyes but may make them look smaller if not applied on the outer edge, mainly when you use black Kajal. To give your eyes a broader look, use a nude or white eye pencil and apply it on the waterline instead of using it outside.


A black Kajal pencil should be used around the eyes for a white and nude color, but do not let it spread outside.

5. Buying Lipsticks Relying on Patch Test

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Buying lipstick is very similar to the purchasing process of a foundation. Instead of a patch test, it should be tested on the lips. No color can look identical on two different people because of varying skin color and lips. Just remember to sanitize the testers before using for hygiene purpose. If you are buying it from a renowned place or a mall, they will sanitize it for you; in case there is any doubt, use tissues or wipes before testing.


Lipsticks and lip-liners should be sanitized and tested on lips, and if you buy online, make sure to read the reviews and watch videos to decide the correct match for you.

Your Skin Deserves The Best

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“God helps those who help themselves” – this phrase has got an intense connection with women. Women deal with a lot of responsibilities, but they should never forget that self-care is the key to a successful life, enabling them to perform their duties while taking care of themselves. Self-care is not only about eating right or regular workouts, but also include skin and hair care and a touch of make-up that will refresh your mind along with your looks.

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