Top MakeUp Trends You Must Follow In 2020

Top MakeUp Trends You Must Follow In 2020

It’s high time to refresh your makeup kit, isn’t it? The decade is over, and the new decade has ample reasons for you to look bright and beaming. We know, how using the same set of colors and brushes can make you go ugh. Most of the women are dying to experience what’s new for this year, and some have already started to follow trends. But take a chill pill, if you are not aware of the top makeup trends for this year. In this blog, you’ll get a list of makeup trends to outshine your inner as well as outer beauty.

  • Defined Eyebrows

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Defined Eyebrows

We are over with the bushy, unkempt brows of yore. Girls, this is 2020 and we must go with the trendiest brow for 2020 that is structured, strong, and polished. Go get your eyebrows done from a salon near you and use your eyebrow pencil, eyebrow liner, powder or gel to even out the sparse hairs. Use an eyebrow-comb to get the structured look and keep all your hairs in place.


  • Sparkly Eyes

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Sparkly Eyes

Bella Hadid rocks the runways with her style and makeup. The sparkly eyes trend came into prominence from her backstage at the spring 2020 Fendi show. They’re so pretty. But hey, you can sport the same. Let me tell you how. Firstly, define your eyes in a black kohl liner and gently smudge it. Then tap some silver glitter beneath your eyes to keep dark circles at bay.


  • Neon Cat Eyes

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Neon Cat Eyes

A perfect cat eye is a favorite for all girls. But just a simple cat eye is so old school. Here’s how you can add an extra pop with neon cat eyes. Just replace your old, basic black liquid liner for a bright, neon-colored one. Use bright green liquid eyeliner or a gel pencil, to draw on a thick, winged look.


  • Floating Eyeliner

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Floating Eyeliner

Your eyeliner doesn’t have to remain only on your lash line anymore. There is enough space for it outside the lash line. That’s it, grab a liner and color outside the lash lines for this fashionable floating liner look. You’ll give off major cool-girl vibes with minimum effort. To do this first apply your eyeshadow and then take a pencil eyeliner to draw a line across your lid. Shape it the way you want.


  • Colorful or Tinted Mascara

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Colorful or Tinted Mascara

You will hardly go wrong with black mascara, but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with other gorgeous offbeat colors. Give a break to your black mascara and experiment with a colored shade on your lashes this year. If you are not sure to pull off a bright-pink mascara, apply a deep-blue or green mascara instead. They’ll look more neutral but definitely turn heads.


  • Watercolor Eyes

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Watercolor Eyes

Spring looks are all about stunning hues and you shouldn’t forget trying this watercolor eye. It is probably the loveliest makeup look you’re going to see in 2020. It’s soft, merry, and so, so surreal. And you also don’t have to get bored with just one tone. Apply one color for your inner corner, another for the center of your lid, and a third shade for the outer third of your lid.


  • Glitter Smokey Eye

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Glitter Smokey Eye

Gone are the days when you wore the matte smokey eyeshadows, every weekend since middle school. It was always a monotonous grey-black, no? The glitter smoky eyes are a new method to level up the tried eyelids for perfect eye-makeup. To do this swipe on a primer on your lids to create a base for your eyeshadow and then tap a shimmery, silver eyeshadow on top. Gently wipe it with a brush to even out.


  • Overall Makeup Gloss

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Overall Makeup Gloss

The makeup vibe at Chanel’s spring 2020 fashion show was all about gloss and we girls are dying to try that on us. To sport this trend, use a pinch of clear face gloss and tap it on your lids, cheekbones, down the nose bridge, and on your lips. For a little extra tint on your lips, add the gloss over a lipstick or apply a tinted lip balm.


  • Red Lipstick

What Are The MakeUp Trends For 2020_Red Lipstick

The red lipstick trend is one that never goes out of style. It suits best for several occasions in a year. Red pouts always pop up on the runways every season. This year, we girls are obsessed with the red lips at Prabal Gurung’s spring 2020 show. The combination of matte, cherry-red lipstick, teamed with bold eyebrows look cool yet classic. Prepare your lips with a lip-scrub first to make it plump and then swipe on a red matte lipstick.


The Final Kiss

It is quite easy to learn and understand the makeup trends in vogue thanks to social media. Be it eyes, lips, or face the styles are changing continuously, as change is the only constant. Wake up the fashionista inside you and look impeccable in the makeup ideas given above. Have a great year ahead.

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