10 Tips When You Are Working From Home

10 Tips When You Are Working From Home

If you are working uninterrupted in the first few months of 2020, needless to say, you are working from home. When offices across the world, embraced the remote working method, many people doubted if they could to work well. Let us learn the best ways we can work from home.

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1. Maintain Regular Working Hours

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The changed lifestyle took a toll on our working schedule as well. What normally used to be our working hours now interferes with regular chores, breaks, dining and a lot more. But we need to maintain a schedule where we are completely focused on our work for a particular time.

While working remotely, we must be aware of the importance of working collaboratively with our teams. Virtual team meetings, calls, etc. should not be missed because we are not strict with our working hours. A disciplined lifestyle with proper segregation of tasks at home should help a person work effectively from home.


2. Maintain Work-Life Balance

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Working from home does not mean that we need to work all the time. A person also has his or her duties at home. Attention should be taken so that individuals can balance work and demarcate it from life at home.

Work-life balance becomes difficult when people do not stick to deadlines and commit to working beyond their capacity. Lazing around and extending the planned work can further hinder work-life balance. Take steps to separate personal life from work life and devote some time for your family and close ones.


3. Dress Like Office

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It’s true that while working from home, our employers do not see us all the time. That gives us the liberty to dress up in casuals and home clothes while we sit for work. The way we dress has a psychological connection to our output. When we dress sharply in formals, our brain automatically suits itself with the formal atmosphere.

Studies have shown that it keeps an individual alert, focused, and ready for all kinds of work requests. Try this yourself before you sit for work tomorrow. Discard your sweatpants and t-shirts for office formals, and you will see that you are motivated and driven in your work.


4. Create a Home Office

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Just like dressing up for office gives the zest to get into office mood, the place where you are working also plays an important role. Working casually from the bed or couch will make you slouch after a while. If you are using the dining table, then you certainly need to shift everything before it is lunchtime. That’s unyielding and wasteful.

Employees should make an office corner in their house or modify their study into an office. It should be a well-lit room with shelves, desks, speakers, and a Wi-Fi. Settle down with your laptop, mobile phone, printer, and other office essentials when you are about to log in.


5. Work In Isolation

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When you work from home, your other family members are present who must be occupied in their individual work. And unlike in office, you don’t have your team so you will feel disordered with someone else working around you.

Ensure that your home office should not be disturbed by other members. If you have a baby, work out a plan with your other family members so that there is no interference during conference calls and meetings.


6. Work Collaboratively

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Remote working requires us available during working hours. We need to attend meetings and calls virtually through different meeting applications. Keeping the managers and team members on loop via email thread helps in keeping the transparent communication. Intimating team members of the work advancements help to fill in the void that occurs due to the absence of a team at the office.


7. Take Breaks

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Some employees faced difficulties in adjusting with working from home and the associated technical glitches. Some bosses opine that the time for conveyance should be substituted with work. Although we should always prioritize work, we should not neglect our health. We should maintain basic ergonomics and take breaks to prevent body aches.


8. Avoid Non-Work Appointments

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While at home we might feel we can take a break and complete an errand not related to our work. That is where we should press the brake. Our work requires us to stay attentive and focused. Even if we have completed our part of the job, others might require us online or call us for help. So just like we would do in the office, we should avoid all non-work appointments while working from home.


9. Manage Accounts and Passwords

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Sometimes when we attend a virtual meeting, we need to share our computer screen. It can be a potential threat to hackers who might swoop in, in the middle of a meeting. Make sure that the software you use is well encrypted. While in screen sharing mode, we must responsibly avoid any monetary transaction on our screen.

Also, we must all turn off our cameras and speakers while taking break in the middle of the meeting. Precautionary measures while working will prevent any mishap from happening.


10. Be Honest

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Working from home means you are not under the vigilance of your boss or team members. But employees should always be honest to their employer. If there is not enough work for an employee on a particular day, he or she must inform the supervisor before taking a break or leave.

While taking a leave, employee must ensure that they intimate the team and apply for a leave in the online portal. Dishonesty eventually gets tracked, and your employer may lose confidence in you if you are unscrupulous.


It’s All About Work, Not Work Place

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If you are planning to be the star employee of the year, you can be one, even while working from home. All you have to do is follow these mind-blowing tips every day, which will keep you focused and on track. Your conduct towards this new style of home-office will surely inspire others to work quite effectively.

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