Obesity and Overweight in Women – How Does It Affect Your Life?

Obesity and Overweight in Women – How Does It Affect Your Life?

With time, every bit around us has changed. Be it food, routine, amenities, technologies or living standards. It is because, we are living in the fast pace moving world. Escalators are preferred over stairs, vehicles over walking, remote controlled devices over manual and ready-made food items over fresh cooked food. With all this, you can always save time, but not health.

Yes! Health is something which you can never ignore. And, here we are going to discuss one of the major health issues – obesity/overweight which is impacting most of our lives adversely.

More than 2 in 3 women is obese due and suffering various health issues, some of which are life-threatening. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are the most common ones. If you are also one, it’s time to pull up your socks and start getting into shape.


How Do You Know If You Are Overweight?

Obesity and Overweight in Women - How Does It Affect Life__BMI

Very first thing that lets you know are your clothes. But, slowly and gradually you shift to larger size and ignore fitting clothes.

However, the best way to identify is to calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index). You can either download BMI calculator within your smartphones or simply get it online. If it lies between 25-29.9, you are overweight and if it is over 30, you are obese. Although, BMI does not always let you know the right category as it does not differentiate between muscle weight and fat.

To overcome this, simply measure the waist, if it is larger than 35 inches, you are welcoming health problems. And, this is when you need to buckle up the shoes.

Now, if you are worried that you are consuming healthy food and still putting on weight, we can help you finding out, why and what is making you obese?


What’s Making You Obese?

Obesity and Overweight in Women - What Makes You fat

Food is the primary of all other reasons that makes a person overweight. It is very easy to gain weight via food when consumption of calories become larger than using it. However, there is a certain range for each body type within which calories should be consumed.

Although, there are many more reasons of gaining weight including genes, routine, medications, eating habits and certain events of life. Now, if you are wondering, what is the main cause that is making you obese, we are here to help you identify better.


  • Genes/Early Life

No doubt, genes is something you cannot ignore. They play a vital role in defining your body type and characteristics. But, there is not always genes that are responsible for making you overweight. Sometimes, childhood eating habits and physical activities influence the weight you carry at adulthood.


  • Age

You can never run away from aging. With aging, the muscles reduces and body fat increases. Also, the ability to burn calories slows down as you grow old. This is why the body gains fat easily.


  • Metabolism

Lucky are the ones whose metabolism helps their body to decay extra calories. Well, high metabolism is sometimes bad as it does not allow a person to gain an ideal weight.

Over all the facts, one interesting fact about women’s body is that their metabolism rate varies throughout the life due to hormonal changes that occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. This is why, women have less muscle weight and ability of burning calories than that of men.


  • Life Events

There are several times in life, when situations cannot be controlled. And, whether you believe it or not, some life events affect weight gain and loss. Another fact is, women who experienced negative or serious events in their early life like parents issues, abuse (sexually, physically or mentally), alcohol or drug addiction are likely to become overweight as adults.

Some after effects of traumatic events called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are also responsible for obesity and overweight.


  • Sleep

Most of the young women do not take adequate sleep either due to their work or studies. Not getting enough sleep is another biggest factor or being obese.

Now, those who are wondering, how inadequate sleep can make overweight. Let us tell you, it’s the hormones that impact appetite, physical activities and food choices. And, hence, you become a couch potato.


  • Medication

You might be one of them who take regular medicine for sleep, blood pressure, sleep or other health condition. If it is causing weight gain, talk to your doctor or nurse to get the best solution for losing weight safely. However, it is highly recommended to avoid weight losing pills as they give adverse after effects.


  • Pollution

It might be a jaw dropping fact for you, but Yes! Pollution and second hand smoke brings overweight condition. It is because there are certain chemicals in the pollution that contaminates food and leads to obesity. This is why, people living nearby highways or busy roads are prone to gain weight immensely.


  • Locality

Walking is definitely the best exercise to maintain weight. But people living in neighborhoods that do not have parks or sidewalks tends to walk less.

Another fact about locality being a reason is that there are some places where people do not get healthy food options or they have plenty of restaurants nearby which makes them consuming junk or unhealthy food.

These were enough factors which could be one that is making you overweight. Now, it’s time for you to identify the negative effects that you might be ignoring.


What Are The Negative Effects of Overweight?

Obesity and Overweight in Women - How Does It Affect Life_Health Issues

It is very essential for you to figure out the bad impact of obesity as there are millions of deaths each year for which obesity is one reason.


  • High Cholesterol

Piling up of excess fat in the body generates chemical in the body that controls the processing of the food. However, there are good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol which you always need to identify before consuming. Bad cholesterol makes fatty plaques in arteries which may result in heart strokes and other serious diseases.


  • Heart Disease and Strokes

The very common impact of overweight on women’s body is heart disease and strokes. It may occur even if a woman is not having any other health issue.

There is always a high risk of such issues in the woman’s body who have belly fat or upper body. This is why an apple-shaped body always have high probability of getting strokes, colorectal cancer and type-2 diabetes over a pear-shaped body. It is because the type of fat on abdomen is different than that of fat on thighs and hips.

However, fat is never good even if you are a pear-shaped body. A little weight loss of 3%-5% can also help for escaping such health risks like strokes,.


  • Breathing Problems

Obese or overweight women usually have fat around their neck which contract the airways. And, this is how, they develop sleep apnea which lets the body to take a shallow breath or restricts breathing swiftly. As a result, their brain and body do not get optimum oxygen and it ultimately leads to heart disease or other health problems.


  • Diabetes

A woman’s body with extra fat is highly prone to get diabetes. In such case, shedding a little fat helps as it regulates the glucose composition in the body and stops the need of diabetes controlling pills even if a woman is already having diabetes.


  • High Blood Pressure

A woman with overweight is three times as likely to have high blood pressure than others. Reducing small fat can help controlling high blood pressure which can damage arteries leading to strokes or heart problems.


  • Mensuration

Irregular menstruation cycle is very common during perimenopausal. Sometimes, both young and middle-aged women gets PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with worse symptoms like menstrual dysfuction and hirsutism, if they are obese or overweight. Again, losing a little weight or involving in physical exercises help overcoming such health issues.

Those who do not have PCOS, but carrying overweight are also reported to have menstrual disorders like Oligomenorrhea, Amenorrhoea and Dysmenorrhea. HMB (High Menstruation Bleeding) can also be one of the symptom of being obese, however, it varies with body type and age.


  • Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is difficult among obese women than the ones who have an optimum weight. There are several health risks like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure which can lead to complications during pregnancy.

Being overweight can also cause serious health conditions like preeclampsia and if you are one of them who is obese and trying to get pregnant, it is recommended to get regular prenatal care to prevent all the possible complications.


  • Menopause

Menopause occurs when the body stops producing estrogen and does not develop any menstrual cycle for at least 12 months. It occurs late in obese women than that of women with perfect weight. This is because increased weight is somehow related to occurrence of menopause and vice versa.

Another fact about menopause is, when there is a deficiency of estrogen, it causes low bone density. This is why, it is always important for a woman to take care of their diet after they get menopause as it also impacts mood, sleep and quality of life. Such health issues are likely to occur more in obese women than others.

However, it varies from women to women based on their smoking habits and also their genes.


  • Cancer

There are 13 different kinds of cancer that might happen to women with obesity. These are colon and rectal, liver, ovarian, thyroid, multiple myeloma, breast, meningioma, pancreatic, rectal, endometrial, stomach, gallbladder and esophagus cancer.


Ladies! It’s Time To Live Healthy And Stay Happy!

Being in shape is not always necessary. Do not stress too much, if you are working hard to get in shape and fit in super slim dress. Just maintain an optimum weight and BMI to live a stress free life. Because you are beautiful and the best.

Obesity and Overweight in Women - How Does It Affect Life_Happy Life

Never lose a hope, if turned a little big. There are many phases of life that makes you gain an extra fat. But that’s okay! Just fix your ponytail and shine.

Cheer Up! Happy Health To You!

Losing Weight is Hard! Being Overweight is Hard! Choose Your Hard. – Unknown

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