Why And How You Should Take Care Of Vagina?

Why And How You Should Take Care Of Vagina?

Your vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and you simply cannot ignore its health. A healthy vagina is what every woman should have to lead a happy life.


5 Alarming Signs You Should Not Ignore And Visit Gynaecologist

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  • Vaginal Discharge

All women experience vaginal discharge to some extent. It keeps on changing throughout the menstrual cycle. Vaginal discharge is normal, but its colour and odour can indicate your vaginal health.

If you experience yellow or green discharge accompanied with bad smell and clumps, immediately seek a gynaecologist. You may be suffering from any kind of vaginal infection.


  • Vaginal Odour

Normal vaginal odour is pleasant. Usually, it is a mild and musky scent that is loved by humans. If you suffer from a strange or unpleasant odour, then be careful as it may be because of bacterial infection, trichomoniasis, excessive sweating, using a sanitary napkin or tampon at a stretch for long, and washing your lady part with harsh soap.

Vaginal itching is not normal: If you feel an urge to itch your vagina too much, it can be a reason to worry. Certain infections like bacterial vaginosis or any STI (sexually transmitted infection) could be the reasons behind the itching or burning sensation. Seek a doctor and get it treated without delay.


  • Abnormal Pain While Urinating Or Having Sex

If you suffer from strange pain during sexual intercourse or urinating, don’t ignore it. That pain can happen due to dyspareunia which results from the lack of sufficient lubrication during sex. Again, pain can occur if you are not sexually aroused.

Besides, doctors opine that many women suffering from psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. experience pain as they lack sexual arousal.


  • Irregular Periods

It is normal to have white discharge before the arrival of the period. Many women experience longer periods, while some face shorter periods. Added, your periods can be totally MIA. Experts say that irregular periods can result from hormonal imbalance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, stress, and other internal reasons.


  • Vaginal Lumps

In some cases, vaginal lumps can be a benign growth that is not harmful or painful. But, if you notice large lumps, be careful. Again, if you experience severe pain and bleeding from the lumps, immediately contact your doctor. Also, do not neglect if you have an itching or burning sensation.


How To Take Care Of Your Vagina?

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1. Go For Regular Whole Body Check-ups


2. Maintain Basic Health Tips

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise regularly

Every woman should take care of herself and know what is going wrong in the body as the issue can lead to vaginal disease. For instance, if you have diabetes, you may get UTI or Urinary Tract Infections and Yeast Infections.


3. Wash Your Vagina With Water

Your vagina can clean itself. Hence, washing your private organ with mild lukewarm water is enough. Still, if you want to use any product specially formulated for vaginal wash, ask your doctor to suggest one. Be careful as most of the marketed products are filled with chemicals and fragrances harmful to sensitive areas.

Also, use soaps and shampoos with caution, as the chemicals infused in them can reach your vagina and cause harm. Furthermore, dryer sheets, laundry detergents, and certain lubricants may irritate you.


4. Use Condoms During Sexual Intercourse

Protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases by using condoms. Also, be safe from unwanted pregnancies. If you are about to make love with a new sexual partner, then using a condom is a must.


5. Do Kegel Exercises Regularly

These exercises tone the pelvic floor muscles, which is very helpful for women with weak pelvic floor, problematic urination, and prolapse.


6. Know Your Medication Whole-heartedly

Ask your doctor whether your regular medicines or injections can have any impact on your vaginal health.


7. Quit Smoking And Drinking

If you are addicted, you must try to limit drinking or smoking, as both can have a negative impact on your sexual function. Nicotine inhibits sexual arousal, which will ruin your conjugal life. Again, if you are into drugs, leave the habit with the help of doctors and rehabilitation.


8. Routine Care Is Important

Remain updated with health screenings. Visit your gynaecologist for a routine check-up and care. Screening intervals related to Pap Smear can change depending on your age and the results. Young women should get the HPV vaccination to reduce the risk of cervical cancer.


9. Natural Lubricants Are Better

If you wish to moisten and hydrate your vagina, use natural lubricants like olive oil or coconut oil. Don’t use the perfumed ones. Use edible oils. It also helps during sexual intercourse if you don’t prefer to use condoms.


10. Post-menopausal Bleeding Can Be Alarming

Never ignore post-menopausal bleeding, and see your gynaecologist.


Conditions That Are Not Dangerous

  • Pro-lapse and Incontinence

These two conditions are not dangerous until you face difficulty emptying your bowels and bladder. Again, if you feel any pain or bleeding, then don’t shy away from visiting a doctor.

  • Vaginal Estrogen

It is considered safe for women. However, it can reverse or prevent changes that normally occur as you age, including the growing risk of UTIs or painful sex.


Ladies! Ignoring Vagina Health Is Ignoring Your Well-being.

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Your overall health includes the wellbeing of the vagina. Any issue related to the vagina can reduce your fertility, desire for sexual encounters, etc. Besides, continuous vaginal problems lead to stress and affect your self-confidence and relationships.

Identify the signs of vaginal issues and treat them without delay. Keep contact with a reputed gynaecologist and follow the doctor’s instructions for a healthy vagina.

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