Why Eating At Night Is Bad For Health?

Why Eating At Night Is Bad For Health?

“I have decided not to have my supper this late, rather will have something frugal early in the evening. Please don’t insist Mom”, said Alice to her mother who was asking her to come down for dinner. Like any mother, her mother too asked her why this sudden change of mood since she cooked her favorite recipe – Chicken Stroganoff and Apple Pie as a sweet dish. Alice replied she has taken the stand as she fears obesity and has read somewhere that skipping night time eating actually helps to get rid of obesity.

Like Alice, there are many girls and women especially those in their middle age prefer skipping their dinner to avoid getting obese. Not that easy as to skip a prime meal like dinner requires mental preparation but then no female would like to get obese as on average every woman now days is fitness freak.

The question is does skipping eating at night actually helps to keep obesity away or is it just another myth? We will discuss this as we move forward. However, fitness experts advise girls to skip dinner in order to stay fit and have a flat belly.


Fashion Designers Prefer Slim Women To Fit Their Dress

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Are you a fashion freak? If yes, then you must be busy trying out different dresses. The problem that you often face if you are obese. Not all dresses fit in as all silhouettes are different and they fittingly drape a girl who is slim.

If we talk of haute couture or high-fashion, then a designer has to look into various aspects like cuts, stitch and most important the style-line which is done keeping a gracefully thin girl in mind. You must have seen that a regular fashion show showcases couture for slim girl.


Are You Eating Right At Night Or Skipping Your Dinner?

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Cutting off dinner to avoid getting obese? If yes, then are you getting the result? Well, we are sure you must have noticed the difference, may not be drastic as each and every body type has its own metabolism.

Many girls follow in anticipation of getting a flat tummy and follow a strict diet regime. This is a good practice as taking precautions is a wise move rather than crying over split milk. In this context, surveys conducted by beauty pageantry sometimes back found a large number of women actually skip their dinner as a precautionary measure. They are not obese but fear of getting fat tummy made them stop eating their food.


Does Eating Dinner Really Make You Fat?

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The million-dollar question is does stopping dinner helps you to keep fat tummy at bay or is it just another myth? According to medical science, eating late in night has its ill-effects on your health.

Usually, experts suggest having a wholesome breakfast. Having heavy and nutritious breakfast can keep you get going for long hours as we often have to skip or eat our lunch quite late owing to time constraints. You can ask your doctor or dietitian and he or she will advise not to take late dinner and insist on taking it early. The reason is digestion and a late dinner doesn’t get digested easily.

However, it may not be out of context to refer to a study conducted by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania that found taking late meal increase the glucose and insulin levels making you prone to Type 2 Diabetes. Hence, take light repast early in the evening that is easy to digest.

Apart from that, it was found that having dinner late at night can affect the cholesterol levels making you venerable to heart ailments including a heart attack.


Weight Gaining Due To Late-Night Dinner: What Should You Do?

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There are numerous studies conducted to find if dinner is the culprit behind excessive body fat. According to a survey conducted by the researchers of Northwestern University, eating at night can cause twice as much weight. The study found even if the consumption of total calories remains the same there is a fair chance of weight gain.

Ladies, take a chill pill and relax, the situation is not as grave as you anticipate. Take light food like healthy snacks early in the evening. This will help you to stay flat tummy. However, it is always advisable to have light dinner as you may have problems like indigestion and metabolic imbalance on eating greasy or rich food foods late at night.

Usually, on a 1,600-calorie weight-loss diet, you’d eat 600 calories at breakfast and lunch, and have 400 calories left over to distribute between two snacks.


Overeating During Dinner May Cause Obesity: Is It True?

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Ladies may become more concerned and even stop eating dinner but this can be applicable to both men and women. We are not claiming if the theory is true or false. We are pointing to a practical reason as why the intake of dinner may cause weight gain and you end up with a fat belly.

The answer is simple. On average, people tend to get out of control while taking their dinner as they sit with their family and don’t hesitate to eat whatever comes on their plate over long chat that doesn’t get digested.

Often you tend to eat more at the dinner table as you feel it will supplement if you’re not eating for the whole day. This is a myth as you should neither eat less nor more. Experts opine that during dinner we are more than emotional eaters than hungry eaters. Needless to mention that having an excess intake of food creates bad metabolism and you can end up having excess weight.


The Reason You Should Put Something Light On Your Plate At Night

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Obesity is the route cause of numerous problems including heart ailments. Staying in shape with proper weight is advisable. The question that many girls often ask should they go completely hungry after their lunch till breakfast the next morning? This may have some negative impact on your health.

The gap between lunch and breakfast is huge, and you may fall sick. It is not advisable to stay hungry for such long. Women should consume fewer than 1,200 calories per day.

Also, there is a chance of overeating which bogs down your maiden effort. Therefore, it is always advisable to eat something nutritious and light like fruits or boiled vegetables accompanied with soup early in the evening. If you eat your dinner by 7 PM, then there is enough time for the metabolic reactions and the food to get digested.


It’s All About Balancing, Not Restricting!

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You should distribute the calories evenly between breakfast and lunch to keep calories under control. Rest you can keep for the evening snacks.

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