How Does Diabetes Impact Aging Adults? | Infographics

How Does Diabetes Impact Aging Adults? | Infographics

Many ailments can arise from malnutrition and poor food choices. Therefore, most people have to often be reminded to take care of their health and watch what they eat while growing up. One’s lifestyle and diet contribute greatly to keeping the body fit and free from illnesses.

On the other hand, some diseases are hereditary, which means that a person must take extra caution in what they intake to lessen the likelihood of developing these kinds of illnesses as they age. Among the serious health conditions that one should be cautious of is the metabolic disease called diabetes.

A normal metabolism allows food to be broken down into a form of sugar called glucose and converted into energy that the body will use. However, in the process of aging, your metabolism becomes slower, increasing the chances of developing diabetes. This condition inhibits insulin production in the body, which is the hormone needed to convert food substances into energy.

Diabetes is a severe health issue that requires the utmost attention to prevent unwanted complications from arising. Some cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, nerve damage, and even dementia are a few complications that can stem from the said disease.

If an elder loved one has diabetes and needs assistance for daily tasks such as taking their medicine, going to health consultations, and other related matters, it could be ideal to hire a live-in caregiver CT. A well-trained caregiver is equipped with the experience and knowledge to provide high-quality care for elder loved ones.

For a senior adult aging in place, having a caretaker enables them to have a sense of independence while receiving the proper care and aid they need in their day-to-day endeavors. Live-in caregivers reside in the senior adult’s home, providing necessary assistive services when required.

Moreover, elder loved ones or their families can make arrangements with live-in caregivers in Clinton CT, such as creating a specific Plan of Care tailored to the senior client.

A live-in caregiver is more than just a home care provider; they also serve as a social companion for elder loved ones, keeping them company as they move about their day. With a dependable home care provider, seniors can enjoy a healthier living and improve their overall demeanor.

Euro-American Connections & Homecare is aware of the importance of senior health, especially if an elder loved one has diabetes. Hence, they have collated useful information about diabetes on aging adults in the infographic provided below.


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This infographic is contributed by Euro-American Connections & Homecare that emphasize on the importance of senior health.

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