4 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

4 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

Mobile phones have dominated our world and made it impossible to escape the prison it has created for us. It has become a daunting feature in our everyday lives which revolves around it in more ways than possible.

Gluing yourself to your phone is what the generation of today considers to be trendy. Scrolling down the social media feed, posting way too much personal information, and keeping yourself updated with other people’s lives has become important to everyone. However, we seldom fail to realize how much of our productive times we are willing to lose just to be on our phones.

Disconnecting yourself from your phone can be very challenging. But once you do so, the feeling can be very liberating. To help you achieve that feeling, here are some of the tips that you can use to stop checking your phone all day long:


1. Find Out The Apps Which Are Distracting You The Most

Since the objective is to find out the apps that are taking up most of your time, you can do it very easily. Your phone does that for you. However, the real struggle is to stay away from those applications that are eating away your time and not letting you do anything productive.

The first step would be to limit the time you invest in those applications after you sort them out. If you need motivation, there are apps out there that will help you keep in check your usage of social media or gaming apps. These are the applications that use up most of your daily time. You will get notifications 5 minutes prior to your set daily usage.

Doing this, can consciously make you aware of the time you waste. You can calculate the productive time that you are investigating after limiting yourself. Forcing yourself to acknowledge your wrongs is the first major step to productivity.


2. Tackle The Greater Evil – Turn Off Your Notifications

4 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction_Turn off notifications

One of the main reasons as to why you get the urge to check your phone all the time is notifications. Every time your phone rings with the notification tone, you think it is something important that you need to attend to. However, most of the times it is nothing but some idle stuff that you can get back to later.

Once you have the phone in your hand, you will want to explore and check out every other social media or play a game. This takes away the time you had convinced yourself to work and procrastinate productivity.

Immediate and absolute solution to this problem is turning off notifications on applications that you know eat up most of your time. This will not only ensure that you do not go back to your phone just to check out futile stuff but also keeps your mind from getting distracted as well. This ultimately increases your productivity and helps you focus on your work.


3. Try To Be Physically Away From Your Phone

4 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction_keep away from home

Have you ever been away from a particular work for quite some time and completely forgotten about it?

Being away from something physically can make this happen as the urge to get in touch becomes less. So, if you have decided to spend the day with your family and give them quality time, make sure that your phone is far away from you, not just mentally but physically as well.

This way once you are with everyone in the room, chitchatting and cracking jokes, you do not have to leave them just to answer your phone or check notification. You won’t even hear it ring at all. This inevitably helps you make the most of your time without any fuss at all.


4. Switch Your Phone Off Or Put It On Airplane Mode

4 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction_switch off phone_airplane mode

You can always do away from your distractions at least once in the whole day. There is nothing to do with a dead phone or you can just scroll through your pictures without the internet. This might sound impossible for some to do given emergencies at work or if children are at school. But it is not so hard to do after all.

Once you are off work or your children are home and you do not have anything important to attend to, get off your phone. This will help you to provide your children and your life partner with the needed time they deserve. You can even do your pending work in the free time you are getting.


It’s Difficult, Not Impossible

Phones are essential in our everyday life and we spend most of our day immersed in it. But there are days when you just need to disconnect and focus on greater things. That becomes impossible for some to do. These tips are just some ways in which you can improvise and make the most of it.

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