Are You Ignoring Yourself? Time To Practice Self-Care.

Are You Ignoring Yourself? Time To Practice Self-Care.

Extreme busy life has made us, especially women, forget to care for self. We are so engrossed in letting our family and children have a good life. Again, indulging in professional aspects made us forget that our souls are craving for that special pampering.

Again, practicing self-care doesn’t indicate ignoring loved ones and thinking only about yourself. Rather, it says about taking care of own needs so that we remain happy and healthy, and can take care of others too.


Practicing Self-Care Is Important

In ordinary concept, we would advise you to eat healthy food, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, etc. Again, try to stay away from excessive alcohol, smoking, etc. Never do drugs or indulge in any illegal activities. Moreover, you must go for regular health check-up to see if you are physically fit.

Again, good hygiene is crucial for various reasons including psychological, social, physical, and medical. It lowers the risk of illness. People appreciates clean and hygienic lifestyle. Make new friends. Join a support group and discuss about various things. Do what you have always dreamt of like dancing, painting, sport activities, gardening, cooking, interior decoration, etc. Relax and meditate. Walk, do yoga, take a bath in lukewarm water, pamper your hair and skin, look good and feel good.

  • Live Your Happiness

ways to practice selfcare

Make time for yourself. It can be as little as an hour. Utilize that time in doing something that gives you happiness. It can be dancing, watching TV, gardening, cooking, painting, martial art, any sport, etc. Get a message, do meditation, yoga, and so on.


  • Go Outside Amidst Nature

How to practice selfcare

You may be so engrossed in staying in home and doing household chores and looking after each family member to the fullest. But, you must know that if you ditch the comfort of your not-so-sweet home, then you can improve your physical and mental health.

Go amidst nature, visit a park or take a nice comfort walk, talk to outside people, kids, get along with animals including those stay on street and feed them, and much more. These activities provide benefits to your brain and mood.


  • Know Your ‘Self’

How to practice selfcare

Look at yourself at regular periods. Check in with your ‘Self’ to know if you are okay or need some improvements. Sit calmly, take few deep breaths and think quietly what needs to be recovered. If needed, do readjustment of your actions. Research and try new and innovative way to do certain things. Make sure whatever you do must make your ‘Self’ happy and satisfied.

Again, you should understand that your bad days or bad past was not your fault. Thinking repeatedly about negative past won’t help you. So, move on, live in present, and secure your future. Make a list of your achievements and view the list whenever you feel low or depressed.

Moreover, make a journal where you can pen down your experiences. It will help you to know yourself and learn various aspects of yourself that you may avoid at other times. Be 100% honest while adding elements to your journal. Your journal is your reflection and you should never lie to yourself. Making journal will let you realize how you really feels and reduce your stress in good ways.


  • Share Your Story

How to practice selfcare

Storytelling acts as a therapy. If you openly share your own story and experiences via talking or writing, it will act as a recovery process. There are millions of people who have similar story as yours. They may be scared or shy to tell it loudly. You will be their motivator and inspiration. Your story can lift others.


  • Be Mindful

How to practice selfcare

Always focus on ‘the present’. Do not start judging how will others feel about you. Being mindful makes you healthy and liberal. In psychological therapy, it has become a conventional practice. It will help you lower stress and improve your well-being. Tune with yourself. Again, if you remain mindful, your mind won’t wander.


  • Dance

How to practice selfcare

For dancing you don’t have to be a pro dancer or possess any dance knowledge. Just shake your body, move your waist, smile and give expressions. Again, it can be any dance, just any. Along with burning extra calories, it will boost your mood and image of body. Furthermore, dancing helps you to have a good quality of life, reduce risk of dementia, connect with people and make friends.


  • Laugh Your Heart Out

How to practice selfcare

Laughter is always the best medicine. Doctors suggest opting for laughter therapy to improve mental and physical health. If you can combine exercise with it, it will be more beneficial. People want to connect with a happy person who can smile from heart. You can make good friends and foster a healthy relationship.


Live Yourself. Love Yourself.

You have to be yourself. Love yourself as it is as important as loving your children. If your soul is not happy, you can’t make your surroundings fit, happy and healthy.

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