How To Open Up As An Introvert?

How To Open Up As An Introvert?

The word ‘introvert’ is often mistaken as passive or anti-social people who according to the misconception are neither interested in things nor can take part in activities or extracurricular activities.

At the outset, this notion needs to be totally removed from the minds of people. Unless this misconception is gone, people will not be able to understand or explore the hidden talents of introverts.

However, one has to understand why some people become introvert and rest are extrovert. In many cases a normal boy or girl suddenly turns an introvert. These people would prefer to confine within themselves but that does not mean they are shy to face the world or are escapists.


1. Explore The Self-Confidence Within Yourself

How To Open Up As An Introvert_Self Confidence

There can be many reasons behind why people often turn into an introvert but predominantly, due to the lack of self-confidence in themselves. This can happen due to various reasons like being bullied by others, loss of self-esteem or even taunts and mocks at home.

To overcome being an introvert, you will have to churn the self-confidence in you. Once you regain the lost self-esteem, you can do things easily and also deliver satisfactory results. For this, explore your hidden talents – you may be a good writer, poet, artist or even a thinker.

Take a deep breath and sit quietly for some time, self-analyze what makes you an introvert and then start writing or sketching (whatever you are good at) try to express yourself.


2. Say ‘Yes I Can Do It’

How To Open Up As An Introvert_Say Yes I Can Do It

Once you have done the self-analysis and understood your positive points, try to initiate things. Let’s understand this with an example – Suppose you have a social gathering or party in your school then unlike earlier, go and attend it. Talk to people.

You will see the change as this time it is rest assured that the result will be much better as compared to what it used to be before. Nobody did anything. You have achieved it yourself. Why do you succeed this time? Simply because you took the initiative to tell yourself “You I can do it,” or, “Yes I can deliver the results”.

This little initiative will make a big difference in your life as now as you do not lack the confidence and can make things work just by churning the will power to do.


3. Participate In Events

How To Open Up As An Introvert_Participate In Events

Often introverts try to shy away from taking part in events or sports. Why introverts are shy? To understand this, one needs to realize that no two individuals are the same.

Unfortunately, schools rather than encouraging the child, reprimands which has a negative effect on an individual. To overcome your shyness or hesitation, try participating in nearby events.

Initially, it may make you uncomfortable, but sooner or later, realization will come that it has helped you to become assertive and open up in public.


4. Speak Your Mind Loud And Clear

How To Open Up As An Introvert_Speak your mind loud and clear

Introverts have an edge over others, they have the power to think more and concentrate better on any topic. Predominantly, it is because they do not have distractions.

Be assertive and make sure to raise your voice against anything that you strongly believe is injustice or wrong. Remember, being polite is good but being a passive listener is not desired.


5. Assertive Not Always Tell To Argue

How To Open Up As An Introvert_Be Assertive

Being assertive does not always mean to shout or scream at the top of your voice to tell the world that you are correct. It is not possible that people will always agree to your point of view, but the thing is you take this in a positive stride and give a patient listening.

If you develop the habit of listening to others, then automatically, you will be able to place your point of view with conviction. You will be able to assert yourself in a proper way.


6. Say ‘No’ When You Are Confident

How To Open Up As An Introvert_Say No

Don’t be passive always and learn to say ‘No’ also. It may sound contradictory, as we have asked you to be a patient listener and not rush things to end up in an argument or verbal altercation.

When you hear someone is talking utter nonsense – it can be in a classroom, while traveling or even among close friends. Just rise to the occasion and say ‘No’ if you do not accept what he or she says. It may irk the person but remember to assert yourself, you need to put your foot down when ensuring that the thing is incorrect.


Rise And Shine!

How To Open Up As An Introvert_Rise And Shine

Being introvert is nothing wrong, but if you become extrovert, you tend to meet diverse people. You will make many friends. Why stay aloof? Try to concentrate on the points discussed above. Explore your positives. World opens up for you.

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