How Parenting Has Changed In Last 10 Years?

How Parenting Has Changed In Last 10 Years?

Today parenting definition has been changed a lot from its earlier versions. Parent usually try to know every single and small need of their kids/baby. They want to fulfill every expectation of their babies or kids even before their kids can think of it. However, years ago things were not like that. Parents of last decade fulfill only those needs of their kid that were necessary for survival.

I suppose there were certain things better in past, while some things are good of today’s generation kids. New cultural shifts has result into parent’s isolation aspects. We can say that there have been some of the positive and negative changes during the last decade.


Let us discuss some of the positive and negative changes of parenting in last few years:

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Positive Changes

  • Access to tons of parenting resources and tips
  • More emphasis on the emotional needs of kids
  • Easy access to healthcare
  • Time saving household due to use of washing machine, dishwasher and microwave
  • Convenience of transport and food
  • Advance medical facilities like antibiotics, vaccinations, etc.


Negative Changes

  • Unlike early days less respect for elders
  • Over-protection for kids
  • Fear of hurting kids emotions
  • Extra efforts to make the kids happier
  • Reduced focus on developing resilience in the kids
  • More time to gadgets then books

We does not mean to say that parenting was easier ten years ago or is easy as of now. Even the reality is that technology has been changed a lot and if we compare early days of parenting with current days then it may look like comparing apples and oranges.


Top Three Ways In Which Parenting Has Changed In Last Decade

There have been many changes as per the survey conducted and we are going to disclose a few of them:

  • Excess of Availability of Information

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In the world of internet there are plenty of information and perspectives available easily. Now-a-days parents can research and discover the answers of their day-to-day parenting hassles. The parents who cannot take their parenting related decisions can take the help of these resources and get answer to the questions.


  • Addiction to Gadgets

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It has become quite challenging to separate the kids of these days from screen. Some parents even allow and avail electronic gadgets to their kids inspite of harm due to these gadgets or devices to kid’s health. Most parents say that the use of gadgets for the kids of a certain age group can be allowed.


  • Partnership Parenting

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Unlike earlier days now the parenting has become a genuine partnership between individuals who tale equal responsibilities of the kids. Now the father and mother try to perform kids related duties together.


Positive Parenting

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Parents have a huge responsibility to bring up their kids in the best possible way. But sometimes parents feel it difficult to decide whether they are doing it correctly or not. Good parenting is the responsibility of every parent and can support the children morally and spiritually.

Positive and impactful parenting is quite important and falls under several categories that include:

  1. Stress Management
  2. Life and Relationship Skills
  3. Love and Affection
  4. Independence and Autonomy

For best parenting, two important attributes are predictability and consistency. The absence of consistency may increase the anxious behavior of the children. Remember feelings of the children are always reflected through their behavior as they are unable to articulate them.

There are a few parenting rules that every parent should know to be a role model for their children or kids. Here are those golden rules:

  • Spend Quality Time with the Kids
  • Shower Unconditional Love
  • Make and Keep the Promises
  • Try to be their Role Model

Well, it won’t be wrong at the same time to say that every child is different and it is difficult to say any standard way to guide him/her. But with proper care, love, and support they can be improved as well. You should try to have patience when your kid does not listen to you.

Unconditional love can enhance your kid’s interest and keep them away from unnecessary thoughts. To teach kids the value of time and money trying to make and follow the rules. As a result, your kids will never let you down.


No Matter What, Parenting Has Always Been Beautiful!

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While there is no standard definition of parenting, it keeps on changing with time. Parents of all eras want to support their kids for growth and development to make sure their bright future. Today kids have high impact of social media and digital devices, so the parents should also try to accept it and handle kid’s emotions without losing ethical values.

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