How To Help Kids Handle Anxiety During Coronavirus Pandemic?

How To Help Kids Handle Anxiety During Coronavirus Pandemic?

The entire world is trying to fight with the dreaded COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Due to this, people are observing months of lock downs and following precautions. You at your home must be worried and concerned about your children.

You are ready to do anything and can go up to any extent to ensure their happiness and safety. It’s quite natural for you to become worried about finding yourself in a helpless situation. The regular news of recent cases of Coronavirus outbreak makes you stressed out.

However, the situation turns challenging when you have small kids or babies at home. They would not understand the gravity of the situation. They may turn a deaf ear to your repeated requests to follow precautions. Thank God the schools and educational institutions are not plying till the COVID-19 virus is gone.

Follow These Steps For Helping Kids Handle Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic:


1. Rule Over Your Stress

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Whether it’s you or the children, stress is a natural phenomenon when you care and love your family. It’s the fear of seeing your loved ones in trouble. You need to know how to dodge the anxiety or trauma of becoming a Corona victim.

Often these fears get so deep into the minds that create imminence problems. Kids may not be able to express their anxiety always. They will look up to you for strength. But, you will not be able to provide support to your child unless you are stress-free.


2. Stay Happy

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First of all, try to appear happy and relaxed even if you are reeling under stress. Remember, children can not only understand your state of mind but also adapt to the negative feeling. Talk to them with confidence and calmness. Remember, you are their strength in such a situation, and they look up to you.


3. Interact With Your Kids

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Remember, you can do miracles and simplify the tough job by interacting with your kids. It helps you to spend quality time with your children. Also, it will let them get aware of various aspects of COVID-19 – Coronavirus and its consequences.

Be interactive; ask them what they know about the menace. Children will share their fear and anxiety. Some may be prudent, while some can act baseless. Let them pour their heart out. It will help as a stress buster session.


4. Encourage Their Work

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There is immense scope your child may be creating things towards spreading awareness against the COVID-19. Some may be making posters or walling. Others may prepare charts and placards focusing on consequences and precautions.

Those having more creative brains may construct masks for the entire family. Take an interest in their creativity. In another way, they are releasing their stress level.


5. Create Structure

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Your child may feel the stress since he or she might get bored due to the closure of schools. During vacation, they can step outside, meet friends, and play outside. But during the lockdown, they are left with no other option but to stay indoors.

Added, they are bound to listen to the sermons of elders, telling them not to waste time and study. Take the initiative and structure their daily activities. Supplement with studies, games, extracurricular activities, and eleven watching television.

Furthermore, do not put the pressure on education since they would find it annoying and may go into stress. By doing this, they will have the feel of the school where they do things as per planning. Let them find their way to bust out stress.


6. Scan And Discard Fake News

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The hi-tech era is booming information and technology. It is not easy to keep children away from social media or mainstream media that often spread misconceptions. Try to ensure they stay away from misinformation and learn only the facts or truth. Such news will create a negative impact on their minds.


7. Expose Them To DIY

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Help your child to spend the lockdown creatively. There is no substitute for being creative. Think of your childhood when you must have created things out of waste products. Expose your children to art and craft. They all do it in school. These steps will help them to release their agony and stress.


The Final Thoughts

The idea behind all these mentioned activities is simple and straightforward. These steps will help your child divert his or her attention from COVID 19 scare to numerous positive things. Spend more quality time with your little ones and engage in more interactions.

It is you can help your child to think positively. As a rule, it will happen easily when you remain relaxed, calm and stress-free. Ensure you spend more quality time with your family. This will be a natural stress buster. Your family is your ultimate priority, and you are the optimum source of strength for them.

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