How To Help Your Kid With Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic?

How To Help Your Kid With Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has stitched the entire world into a single garland and that is Lockdown. Since March 2020, the world has been shaken by the chaos of the invisible enemy named Corona Virus that is causing critical harm to the humans. Thus, Government of various countries have declared complete or partial lockdown resulting in zero schooling and zero office going.

What about the education of the kids? Their schools are closed since pandemic started and they are confined in home. Online Learning or e-learning is the first mode that comes to the limelight when there is lack of traditional schooling. It is the best substitute of traditional learning that can prepare a child for tomorrow. But, as it is a new normal and your baby is not habituated in learning from online source, you have to help the little heart.



Tips To Make Your Kid Pro With Online Classes

1. Help Them Set Up Goals

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Lockdown is the ideal time for your kids to develop new skills. Guide them to set goals so that they can spend their time fruitfully. Tell them to write their goals on a paper. Stick that paper on a noticeable place like refrigeration or wall. Now, create an action plan and probable time required to complete each task. Measure your child’s progress time to time. Reward your kid after accomplishing each step successfully.


2. Provide A Comfortable Place For Your Kid

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Your child is virtually learning from home through desktop or laptop that he/she hasn’t done before. Hence, it is crucial to create the proper atmosphere for their e-learning classes. A quiet and comfortable corner is the best for learning as it reduces the chances of your kid getting distracted. Pay attention to the lighting and undisturbed network connectivity for ensuring smooth online learning.


3. Let Your Kid Stay Connected Virtually With Friends And Extended Family Members

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Online learning doesn’t mean the hard core academic subjects only. As during other times, the baby communicate with friends and other family members occasionally or routinely, similarly, he/she must remain connected with them online during this phase. It is extremely helpful for their emotional well-being.

Virtual connection with their loved people will boost their mood which is essential for good studies. Additionally, keep contact with the online faculty and continue receiving information about your kids’ progress and discuss how to assist your baby during home-schooling.


4. Don’t Leave Your Child Alone During Virtual Class

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Whenever they are having their online classes, stay with them. It will help them a lot in case there occurs a technical issue. Again, often kids tend to panic if something goes wrong with their desktop or laptop while they are busy in their school project via online. Your presence will calm them. Another important factor is child security. Increased use of internet can heighten the risk of his/her safety and privacy. Hence, make use of parental control apps for optimum safe online learning.


5. Hear Their Concerns

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Kids are kids after all. They are unsure about the present situation and may get stressed in respect to the new problems. Their schools are closed suddenly for unknown days. They are staying at home for 24/7 and all of a sudden they are learning from computer. They may feel baffled and develop anxiety. It is you who would take care of their concerns and make them understand the present situation and the need for online learning. Listen to them, make them comfortable, and be their friend.


6. Set Up A Daily Routine

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As a parent, you must set up a daily routine in which you will include activities appropriate for their age like education, recreation, family time, etc. Guide the kids to follow the daily routine that will let them utilize their time productively. Add some physical exercise in the form of dancing, playing, martial art, etc. which stimulate their physical and mental health.


7. Encourage Kids To Talk To You

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Open conversations with your children will let you know about their concerns about online learning and other aspects. Ask them if they are feeling okay with online sessions and can understand the subject matters properly. Ask them if they are feeling physically fit as prolonged sitting in front of digital screen and staring at a stretch can give them back aches, and eye problems. Let your kid get up and move for 10 minutes in between his/her sessions at a stretch for 45-50 minutes.


8. Discuss Internet

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Your kids don’t know the danger of internet. Take time and inform them how internet works. Make them aware of the hazards. Also, let them know the appropriate behavior and dressing during the online classes related to video calls.


Setting The Seal On

Be aware of cyber bullying. Organize rules concerning where, when and how the kids can use the internet. Keep contact details of helplines of cyber bullying and tell you child to use them if feel threatened by anyone even the teachers. Also, inform them that there is no need to share personal pictures or any confidential information for accessing online learning. If your little genius is too young, be with him/her whenever there is online learning session. Remember you are not alone, we are all in this together.

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