How To Keep Your Child Safe Against Molestation?

How To Keep Your Child Safe Against Molestation?

We, parents, usually teach our kids to stay safe in all sorts of ways it may be either being safe at the time of crossing the road or being safe while touching hot stove or safety while playing outdoors. Most of the parents usually do not teach their kids about their body safety until they become much older or it become too late.

Research conducted by CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has proven that approximately 1 in every 6 boys and 1 in every 4 girls become victim of molestation even before they cross their age of 18. In some countries the situation is even worse.

Kids from all backgrounds may be become victim of this abuse. The common reason of increase of such case is lack of awareness in children of body part protection. Parents think that their kids are too young to talk about this or this conversation may be scary. However, there are some practices that can help you in making your child less vulnerable to sexual abuse.


1. Teach Them About Body Parts

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In early childhood age teach them the name of their body parts. Teach the actual names of their body parts. Do not teach them general names, even tell them appropriate and clear name of their all body parts including private ones. If the children will use these words comfortably then they can quickly talk if something inappropriate will happen.


2. Body Boundaries

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Tell your child that there are certain boundaries when someone touches them. No one should touch the private parts of their body. Also, tell them that they should also not touch the private parts of someone else. The reason being, it has been noticed that the sexual abuse usually begins like this only. Perpetrator asks the child to touch them, so if the kid will be aware then they will not do so.


3. Encourage Children To Talk About The Touches That They Do Not Find Appropriate

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There can be numerous types of safety and health related touches that may make them uncomfortable, painful or upset. For any touch encourage children to talk about their feelings and thanks them for expression of pain in joyful manner.


4. Teach Children To Share And Convey Every Emotion

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Most of the times it has been seen that the children are being molestated by their known or near and dear ones. They think that they are their known and cannot harm them in anyway. Hence the parents should inform their kids that sometimes their loved ones whom they trust cannot be emotionally safe for them. But in any case the kids should inform their parents or anyone whom they trust more about any mishappening.


5. The People Who Take Care Of Your Kids Should Be Trustworthy

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Child molesters are mostly kind and charming to the kids. They can be from every walk of the life. If you are taking your child anywhere or leaving them at any place that may be either school, sports, organization or family or friends or a place of worship, then also you should try to choose the trustworthy place for your kids.

Do not leave kid alone either at someone’s house or care center. Try to leave them at social place where there should be some adult or any reliable person with them.


6. Teach The Kids How To Come Out From Any Uncomfortable Situation

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Some kids find it difficult to say “No” to anyone – especially to their elder one’s. Tell them it is OK to tell or say a adult that they can leave now, if they feel that something not good is happening. Give them a word “Help” whenever they find themselves in any trouble. Moreover, they can also say that they need to go in any such situation.


7. If You Are Worried About Any Possible Abuse Then Take Action

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If you notice or came to know about any possible abuse, then do not wait and learn about abusive behavior of the kid. There are common helpline numbers of Police that can be used in any such situation. For every country there are such numbers.

Keep in mind that if kids are abused then they do not inform about their problems or trouble as they think that someone may get in trouble or may lose the important relationship. Just reach out to the appropriate authority and act accordingly.


Child Sexual Abuse Needs To Be Stopped! Not Ignored!

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One discussion about these issues may not be sufficient, so choose anytime and repeat the messages to them many times. You can talk to the kids at bath time or when they go to bed. However, you can also take help of some visual clips made especially for the kids.

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