How To Come Out As LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Trans/Queer) To Your Family?

How To Come Out As LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Trans/Queer) To Your Family?

Homosexuality or bisexuality is absolutely normal. But, our society still lacks education and common sense when it comes to accepting the fact. So, we have created this article so that you can know how to come out as a homosexual or bisexual to your family and friends.

Be calm and read.


To Do Things Before Disclosing Your Sexuality Preferences

  • Make A Plan For Worst-Case Scenario

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You must have a disaster managing plan with you. Disclosing your true sexuality can be an ear sore for your family members. They may kick you out of home or simply refuse to support you in your higher education or job preparation, etc. after hearing it. Always have a plan ready that must include a place to stay, ways to earn, and so on.


  • Be Friend With Like-Minded And Supportive Friends

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It’s very important to have good friends by your side. You will need their support when you will open up about your sexual preference to your elders. If things turn bad, your friends will be there to help you emotionally, financially, personally, etc.


  • You Will Be ‘OKAY’ No Matter What

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You must bear the guts that you will be alright no matter what the consequence will be. You have to promise yourself that you won’t break down and take any stupid step if your family behave oddly.


Here Is How To Come Out About Your Sexuality To Family And Friends

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1. Select Your Moment And Place Carefully

Each person needs certain time that is right for him or her. Same goes with family members or friends. Any family event may be the ideal time. Again, a perfect timing can be that moment when your parents are in happy mood, especially because of your achievement.

Moreover, you have to select the place with utmost care. You just can’t spill out that you are a homosexual or lesbian or similar just at any place. These things are sensitive. Often, it happens that parents get the notion that something is there and they may ask you. Don’t miss the chance. Talk about it. Be honest with your family.


2. Let People Be Shocked

Being a gay or a lesbian or a bisexual is not a crime. But, there are people who may try to make you feel low. They can be your friends or any relative. Mostly, people react shockingly after hearing your sexuality. Allow them to be shocked. You must remain calm. Choose a quite zone.


3. Take Your Friend Or A Reliable Person With You While Coming Out As Bisexual Or Homosexual

If a reliable friend remains present with you while you come out to others, it will boost your confidence. Of course, you must tell about your originality to that person before you leak it out to your parents.


4. Tell Your Family That You Love Them In Any Circumstances

Tell your family that you truly love them and it won’t be less while you come out. They must hear from you that you wish to maintain a healthy, honest, true, and loving relationship with them forever.


5. Raise Your Family’s Spirits

Let them know that you are truly healthy and happy. You have no physical or mental issues. Never argue with them. Give them time to adopt your reality. When they will see that you are absolutely normal like before and there is no change in your behavior towards them or family responsibilities, they will accept the fact.


6. Your Concern May Differ

It depends on age, maturity and experience about societal surroundings. Young people tend to be worried more about parents and friends’ reaction and their acceptance. But, aged and matured people don’t take much stress about others’ reaction.

Again, if you have children, you may possess different dilemmas altogether. If you are opening up to your kids, assure them that you are the same person and you love them to the core no matter what. Be sure that your children are of an understandable age and they are at least aware of the terms like homosexual, LGBT, bisexual, etc.


7. Give Educational Resources To Friends And Family

Educational resources play a crucial role in enlightening people. So, distribute educational resources to the individuals whom you wish to tell about your homo or bisexuality.

Also, try to convince your parents or loved ones to attain any meeting, join a support group, contact parents of other bisexual or homosexual people, visit a counselor, etc. It will help them to know and understand thoroughly about LGBT community. Let them go through websites dedicated to LGBT.


Come On! Come Out! Talk About It!

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Coming out to your family and friends can be liberating and refreshing for you. The truth that you have kept in your heart for so long will ultimately be out and people will accept you for what you really are. You don’t have to make up for things you don’t like. You don’t have to lie anymore. You can be yourself. Million others like you like can get the help in coming out to their family and friends. Your experience can be learning for them and they can try your ways to come out to their parents and friends.

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