How To Stay Safe When Dating A Guy Online?

How To Stay Safe When Dating A Guy Online?

Ladies, are you dating someone right now? Do you feel that the man you are with is going be forever with you? Or, Are you regularly swiping on Tinder to get the soul partner?

Wake up, girl!

Dating sites are mushrooming like never before. Daily a new dating site is cropping upon internet. In the hi-tech world, dating has reached a new height as there are numerous Indian and international mobile apps, social media apps going overboard with proposals and invitations to join them.

Do you think that the guy whom you just said “Hello” is the special one? If so, then read below.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with a dating site, as it opens the door to the world of friendship with someone somewhere who like you is lonely and needs a friend to share his story, waiting for ‘her’ to listen.

Unfortunately, the picture is mostly contradictory. Men on these dating sites prowl to take undue advantage. “I have decided to pull out from social media as the person I met had wrong intentions. The average is like that”, said Rashmi (name changed). Samira, a college student, said, “I met this guy on a popular dating app and went steady for some time till he started making wrong advances”.

Not just Rashmi or Samira, but the number is endless who are left heart broke. Some had even been through bitter experiences in life. Another girl on the condition of anonymity said her dating experience was horrible as the guy whom she met on a dating site had initially been gentle and would bring flowers, gifts. Still, after some time, he demanded physical intimacy and tried to force upon her.

The question is how to know if you are dating the right person? To understand why this is taking the shape of a menace, one needs to analyze various aspects, including the social-economic structure.


Matrimony Sites Turning Into Dating Sites

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Dating sites are not only filthy but having a profile on a matrimony site can also become a nightmare. This shows the attitude of men who try to take every woman for granted.

On matrimony sites, it is natural to crack a conversation or request a meeting with ladies to find a match. Unfortunately, men (not all) are using these sites like dating sites and subsequently, end up making filthy proposals. Often ladies do not understand what to do or where to report as these sites shrug off their shoulders from taking responsibilities. However, it is essential to clear the misconception that all girls join these dating sites to find a suitable match.

Perhaps, here the real problem starts. Let’s understand this with an example – Some girls feel they will make a fool of the guy on the other side of the internet by using her girly charms. Their attraction to these sites is to extract gifts or money to meet their expenses. They often forget that in today’s materialistic world, everything comes with a price.

If the guy takes the girl for a long drive, candlelight dinner or a late-night movie show, and shower gifts, then he may have some uncanny intentions under his sleeve.

Agreed, it’s not easy to differentiate between good and evil, but if girls, ladies, and women consider these points, then this menace can be averted to a large extent: 


  • Distinguish Between Dating And Adult Websites

If you scan through Google and type ‘dating site’ invariably, the search will feature results – ‘dirty dating sites’, top five wild dating sites’, ‘dating sites for pleasure’ etc. Be careful even when you find names like ‘top dating sites for girls’ or ‘sites for lonely women’. These are mainly unethical (porn) sites under the disguise of ‘dating sites’.


  • Never Share Your Details

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The big mistake often, girls end up doing is sharing their real name, mobile number and personal information. You must ensure your safety and be extremely careful on social media platforms. The profile you are meeting on a social media or dating sites could be fake, as you have no clue of its authenticity.

Predominantly, this is why girls face immense harassment on such platforms. For example, a guy may pretend to be working with a reputed organization, but in reality, he may be a fraudster or a school dropout or a human flesh trader.


  • Ensure The Guy Is Real

This may sound a bit strange, but this is precisely what you need to do. If you are someone who trusts people blindly then ensure you do not practice this habit on dating sites. Believing is not wrong, but trusting someone blindly may at times become dangerous, even putting your dignity at stake.  


  • Meet The Man But Stay On Your Guard

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You must meet the person to find out if he is real or fake. Call him to a crowded place where there will be people around you. Preferably, a market place, café or bus stand. Ensure whatever he says about himself is true.  


  • Move Away, If He Evades Meeting

If the person you have met on the dating site escapes meeting by lingering on some pretext or the other than take it as a warning. It means either that person is a fraud or he has some wrong intention. Those who use false profile picture will also evade meeting.  


  • Say No To Long Drives Or Lonely Outings

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Long drives or an outing involving just two of you can be the most romantic experience provided the man you are meeting is genuine; else the same can become a nightmare.

Often, we come across instances where a girl encounters brutal rape. If your man truly loves you, then he will always respect your emotions and will never force himself upon you. However, if you sense something is weird, then politely distance yourself from the relationship. It’s serious. File a complaint immediately as these predators must be stopped.


  • Don’t Accept Gifts From Unknown

Predators are looming largely on these dating sites. Often fake guys on these sites ask for address and phone numbers on the pretext of sending teddy bears, chocolates and other expensive gifts. Girls, be careful and don’t step into these traps.  


  • Say ‘No’ To Blind Dates

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Dating sites often organize events like blind dates. Beware, ladies! These can be very dangerous as you do not know who you are meeting. Often you have a different picture as presented by the user and meet a totally different individual who neither meets your preferences nor expectations. Say a big ‘NO’ to dates in isolated places.


Stay Safe Ladies!

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In this materialistic world, when all are running in the rat race, and are lonely within, there is nothing wrong to desire a partner with whom you can share your heart out. The real problem is when you tend to meet the wrong people. Rather than turning the life into romanticism, it turns into a hell.

Dating sites can make things better to a large extent if they take the responsibility to verify users before accepting. The problem is mainly due to the predators who feel they can get everything from a girl by offering a petty gift. They fail to understand that dating is not sex or getting physical without the woman’s consent. It is easy to force oneself upon a girl but challenging to hold her hand by winning the trust and love.

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