Shooter Dadi Chandro Tomar: The Impeccable Example Of ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ | Success Story

Shooter Dadi Chandro Tomar: The Impeccable Example Of ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ | Success Story

Most of the Indians are aware of ‘Shooter Dadi’ after the superhit Bollywood movie ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ starring Taapsee Pannu and Bhoomi Pednekar. Chandro Tomar who is now a famous perosna as Shooter Dadi is an octogenarian sharpshooter from Uttar Pradesh, India. She lives in Baghpat district’s Johri village.

Chandro Tomar was not lucky to get support for her shooting career since childhood or early adulthood. Rather, she is one-of-a-kind legend who started learning shooting in her 60s. Age couldn’t stop this genius from attaining national fame that she earned by winning over 30 national championships. Chandra Tomar is the world’s oldest woman sharpshooter.

She said, “When I started shooting, I was already 65. I took my granddaughter to Saifali and handed her a loaded gun but she got scared. Then I tried a shot and it hit at 10 in the first time. That was when I had my first encounter with shooting and I started going to practice every day”.

Tomar Dadi addressed all shooters and advised, “Arjun didn’t see the fish but saw the eye. So keep your focus on the eye.”


Who Is Chandro Tomar?

Early Life And Marriage

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Chandro Tomar belongs to a family having agricultural background. One of her brothers was in military and so she saw guns since her childhood.

She was only 15 when she got married. And, then she started her married life in a big family of 40 members.


Chandro Tomar – Her Shooting Skills

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The master shooter has a high level of intelligence. Though she never went to school, but kudos! She learned basic English and sharpshooting quite fast. Her husband didn’t know about her shooting practice earlier. In fact, when he came to know about it, he was neither against nor in support of her sports. But, presently the entire family is proud of Chandro.


Chandro Tomar – Achievements – The Real Story Behind Her Shooting Career

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Chandro Tomar is blessed with six children and fifteen grandchildren. Shooting happened to her all of a sudden. Things started this way- Shefali, her granddaughter was interested in learning shooting at Johri Rifle Club. It was an ‘all boys shooting club’. So, Chandro had to accompany Shefali who failed to load a gun. Chandro took charge and hit bull’s eye through her very first shot.

That’s when she came into notice by Farooq Pathan, the coach of that club. He was surprised to see her unbelievable skill and suggested her to get training for professional shooting. According to coach Pathan, “She has the ultimate skill, a steady hand and a sharp eye.”

Life was not easy for Chandra Tomar. Her family was of typical orthodox male dominated patriarchal mindset believing that a woman’s heaven lies in satisfying her husband, doing household chores, looking after cattle, cooking and feeding her family members, and giving birth to children. Hence, she could attend the rifle club only once in a week. But her unparalleled strong zeal boosted her shooting practice which she used to continue in private after serving dinner.


Chandro Tomar – Success Story

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Shooter Dadi has won 25 national championships since 1999. One of them is the prestigious Gold Medal at the Veteran Shooting Championship occurred in Chennai. Her name was published with her photo in a local newspaper just within 15 days of her career. Prakashi Tomar, her sister in law, joined her in shooting and earned massive name, fame and respect in this field.

Chandro Tomar won a bronze medal in a competition held in Delhi. It was her last competition. Since then, the expert sharpshooter was coaching young generation. Also, she is been welcomed to inaugurate a lot of sports institutions.


Tomar Dadi Is A Happening Celebrity

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She has been seen in popular TV shows including India’s Got Talent, Satyamev Jayate, and OMG! Ye Mera India.

A Hindi Movie named ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ got released in the year 2019. The film is based on Chandro Tomar and Prakashi Tomar’s biographies. The particular movie was declared ‘Tax Free’ in Rajasthan and Delhi.

In 2019’s October. Chandro and Prakashi Tomar with the cast of Saand Ki Aankh went to the famous ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for film promotion.

Chandro and Prakashi watched the first show of Saand Ki Aankh together at Baraut, Uttar Pradesh’s multiplex. It was 25th October 2019. Bothe were congratulated by a huge crowd who took photos with them.

The name ‘Shooter Dadi’ became so sought-after that a board bearing the title was placed outside her house with slogan like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Khilao, Beti Padhao’.


Chandro Tomar – The Inspiration For Millions Irrespective Of Age

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The fearless Chandro set up shooting ranges in Bihar, Punjab, and Haryana. In an interview, she revealed that her son-in-law was her ardent supporter. Respecting her traditional wear, she always used to wear conventional attires, basically sarees and cover her head with pallu to steer clear of the disturbing noise of the wind.

Dadi underwent a surgery in a hospital in Delhi in 2019.


What Makes Chandro Tomar – The SuperHer?

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The success of legendary sharp shooter Chandro Tomar has motivated thousands of local people to pursue shooting professionally as a sport. Her granddaughters and niece Seema Tomar are also sharpshooters. Seema became the first Indian woman who won a medal in 2010 at the Rifle and Pistol World Cup.

Shefali Tomar, her granddaughter has earned the honoured status of an international shooter by taking part in international competitions held in Germany and Hungary. The entire Tomar family gives credit to shooter Dadi, Chandro Tomar for encouraging, guiding and advising the right things that brought so much fame, dignity and respect. The legendary, Chandro Tomar have proved that if one decides and fix a goal in life, and work on it amidst all odds, nothing can stop him/her from achieving the result. They say, ‘‘Tan Buddha ho jaye, mun buddhana hove.” Chandro is happy that now no robbers dare to enter her village.

Shooter Dadi hai naa!

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