Top 10 Rising Career Options For Women

Top 10 Rising Career Options For Women

Women are competing equally with men in terms of career. Though, in many countries, women are given less importance and are preferred to stay at home, yet women have struggled a lot and gain a good position in career.

As Reese Witherspoon has correctly said, “What would happen if we encouraged all women to be little more ambitious? I think the world would change.”


10 Career Options For Women

1. Management Analyst

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With different responsibilities, the role of management analysts holds great importance. Companies demands to become profitable organizations with their help. Management Analysts can improvise the efficiency of an organization.

They don’t have typical 9-5 in-office job. Again, they do frequent travelling to meet clients. Usually, they work over 40 hours every week. As per projection, the career growth can be 14% by the year 2026. The primary educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree.


2. Software Developer

In technical field, software developers have a big role to play. These professionals have to make applications or systems that can run on computers, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. They can generate, edit, customize, and rectify software that are used by clients. Usually, software developers work for companies specializing in fields like systems design and software publishing.

By the year 2026, the career of software developers will grow at least 24%. These professionals also work as freelancers. They must possess a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


3. Physical Therapist

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They are the professionals who are crucial in patient rehabilitation. They help sick and injured patients. Pain management is one of their primary responsibilities. They help in improvement of patients’ physical movements.

Physical therapists work in various settings like nursing homes, health clinics, private offices, etc. Again, they can start their own clinic or visit client’s home for helping them to move properly.By 2026, this designation can grow approximately 28%. Majority of elderly citizens need physical therapists on a regular basis as their mobility suffers with growing age.


4. Physician Assistant

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Physician assistant is one of the top rising career options for women. Physician assistants usually work jointly with healthcare professionals for ensuring best care for patients. A physician assistant can work in variety of settings like hospital, office of physicians, outpatient clinics. Mainly, assistants of physicians work as full-timers.

The career will grow approximately 37% in the next few years. In future, the need for healthcare service will grow. So, there will be positive rise of demand for physician assistants.


5. Pharmacist

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We can see growing number of pharmacies now-a-days. So, we can understand the importance of pharmacists in present world. They handle and give medicines to patients who come with proper prescription from doctors. Again, they provide advice regarding the usage of medication.

They usually work in areas like drugstore pharmacies, grocery pharmacies, clinical settings, hospital, etc. They need Doctor of Pharmacy degree and get license. They have to pass a couple of professional exams for getting license.


6. Lawyer

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Lawyers do counseling and represent people, non-profit organization, companies, governmental firms, etc. related to legal disputes and legal paperwork in relation to profession or person. Candidates need to get a four-year bachelor’s degree followed by three years of law training.

Again, there is a significant rise of female lawyers. It is mainly because of growing harassment on women and crime against them. Females prefer to consult with another female. So, presently, many women are becoming lawyers and giving justice to other women.


7. Human Resource Manager

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Human resource managers usually take interviews, recruit employees for companies. Again, they also take care of employee payroll, training, benefits, perks, etc. Most importantly, they control workplace conflicts and solve issues. Most of the human resource managers are women.


8. Engineer

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In a country like India, most of the youngsters aspire to become engineers. They are the professionals who designs, make modifications, repair and maintain electrical, mechanical, chemical, and other structures. Candidates pursue engineering degree in civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, and chemical field. Engineers earn quite well and can exceed six figure earning.


9. Bureaucrat

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Serving nation as a public servant is considered as a great career for women. The Union Public Service Commission administers civil service examinations for selecting eligible candidates as civil servants. The job is to play the role of bureaucrats who can lay impact on the government’s decision making process. Job holders will get an elite status and immense power. Candidates can study in specific educational institutions that offer course for UPSC preparation with guaranteed results.

In India, women civil servants have created a unique niche for themselves. They are our true inspiration. A couple of noted names are Dr. Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS Officer, and Dr. Sanjukta Parashar, the first woman IPS Officer of North-East India.


10. Journalist

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Number of women entering into the world of journalism is growing at a rapid speed. We can see female journalists on field, cricket and other sports ground, news channels, celebrity shows, war zone, and almost everywhere. In India, the number of female journalists have crossed the number of male journalists. Many businesses are reaching to more number of audiences encompassing diversified outlooks.

Moreover, there are lots of women who want to bring a positive change to the society by being the right voice. Journalism is the best option for them. It will let them to be the driving voice of all the necessary social changes.


No Career Is Restricted, No Matter What! Choose The Career You Always Wanted.

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There are lots of other careers for women that are gradually gaining more importance. But currently, these 10 career options are the ones that are most talked-about. But, there are many more where you enter and lead the position. Some of them are Pilot, Athlete, Fintech Entrepreneurship, Astronaut, Defense Personnel, Beautician, Blogger, Dietitian, and more. You, as a woman can be anything she wants with the right guidance, devotion, practice and patience.

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